Call them up and tell them that you would like to settle

If you call them up and tell them that you would like to settle the matter they will work with you and set up a payment plan or they will drop the interest and tell you to pay the balance. But you have to call them and let them know you want to pay.

Also, cash advance loans and especially website ErgLoans you mentioned in your question seem to be trustworthy a good option. Just remember to borrow responsibly.

Also, I don’t know what happens if you are being sued, but I think if they can save money by not taking it to court, they may talk to you. Contact the creditor directly, see what they can settle with you and get it in writing BEFORE you send them any money. Maybe you have a Legal Aid type thing where you live and they may be able to help you…not sure how it works. People on this board have mentioned that the remaining balance is reported as income, but I don’t know anything about it. I never settled a debt, but that is the way I would handle it.

Good Luck. Amazing how they contact everyone you have ever known. Once, a long time ago when I couldn’t pay my bills on time, the creditors called my uncle, who I wasn’t really close to but I ran his TV repair business for a month while he was out of the country. They called him asking how much money he could send them to pay my debt.

What I did was called the office that was filing the law suit. They knocked off very little, and I was able to pay the amt. they asked for in full and avoid court. I did get a paper, that said the court date was settled before hand or something like that. At first they did offer me a monthly payment plan, however, they were still going for the judgment. All I could do to avoid the judgment was pay it in full. Well, with the amount they were allowing to discount. I think it was around $400 dollars discount on a $2500 bill. So my advice is call and see what’s up to avoid going to court. If you have the $$ and that is what you want to do.

Need some advice regarding loans

Hello everyone I am new to the group and have read many of the previous posts but could not find someone who has my particular problem. About a year ago I stopped making payments on my credit card.

This was stupid I know- but I did not have a job for several months. Now my parents just called me saying that I got some notice in the mail that I am being sued. Why didn’t the send it to me- is that legal? They haven’t sent it to me yet, but I have no idea what to do. I have no idea who the collections agency with my account is- how do I find this out?

I have a job now and actually have the entire amount of money that I owed – $5000.00 and can pay that. It is probably much more now with fees and everything though. Should I consider fast cash advance loans (aka payday loans)? I heard they were easy to get and could be a real help in some cases? What do you think?

Is there a way for me to still contact the creditor and try to make a deal with them even though I am being sued? I really don’t want to have to find an attorney and go to court, but I will if I have to. What happens in court? Will they make an order to garnish my wages, or can I make some sort of agreement on the spot to pay this off?

How do I even find an attorney that won’t be too expensive? If I pay off the $5000 I will be completely broke! I have 3 weeks til my court date and I’m freaking out! Thanks for any help!