Re: Desperate please help! Some solutions.

I moved to Nevada and was suprisingly out of work 3 months. Finally, I got a good jub, but it may have come too late. My rent is a couple weeks past due and I am gonna be evicted if I dont get a loan in the next day or so. I just got married and have animals. I can not be homeless! here is the problem:
atrocious credit- it is bad. my fault. i was young and stupid no assetts- need an unsecured loan new job- no verifiable work history or time at my addressWhat can i do? i must have tried every online lender out there! all of them rejected me. on top of that, my credit must have been run 100 times. is the common suggestion. they said no.

i am in a serious state of panic. no interest rate or other terms bother me. i will pay whatever. i can set up direct deposit to
have the loan paid first. that does not help me. anyone have any suggestions? if i can not get this done, i have been thinking of
some very negative scenarios to try to do something. and these are not something i want to do. please help
Do you have anything you can sell? Stereo, TV, ipod, computer? I’d sell stuff rather than get any kind of loan. Here’s what I would do. Remember, nothing is hopeless. Nothing! Sometimes fear and panic gets in the way of looking at all your options.
You have to decide what you are most comfortable with, but here are a few ideas:
  1. Contact a local church/synagogue/mosque and speak to the clergyperson. They may offer resources you don’t even know of. We’ve all been down and out at some point in our lives in some way. I would do this first, as soon as you can get to a phone. If you are scared enough to write what you wrote, you need to get a support system in place to get you through this.
  2. As far as your pets go, I understand they are like kids to you. With this thought in mind, and knowing that you want what is best for them and for yourselves (getting back on your feet), I would work to find homes or foster homes for them. “Best for them” might mean being in a more stable environment, at least temporarily. There are people out there (and shelters too) who will foster until you get on your feet. Seriously, the last thing you need to worry about now is feeding and sheltering them–it is a drain on finances that you do not have. See if you can find a 6 month foster situation if you can’t bear to part with them.
  3. Make a list of your options…staying with family, friends, even the YMCA or a shelter if needed. Find out how to get to them and what you can take with you if you need them. That way, you know you are not literally out on the street. Your clergyperson may help with this also.
  4. Is your spouse working? Keep job hunting and do whatever it takes to start bringing in money (legally, of course!). Slinging burgers at McDonalds is better than where you are at now. If nothing else, it will raise your confidence that you are trying to do something.
  5. As soon as you are able, try to take a course on budgeting. I’m taking a Dave Ramsey course now and it is excellent. I believe in some cases they offer scholarships and so you don’t have to purchase the kit, but I’m not sure. This course gives you budgeting skills, motivation, and hope, and it is nonjudgmental. I’m finding it is changing our financial life.

This is a rough situation, but I think you still have some options. I’ve never had to do this, but my bank offers an advance for people who do direct deposit–it might be worth looking into with your bank. I’d be more comfortable with that than with one of those predatory “payday lending” places. (Don’t do that, by the way).

Can you negotiate at all with the landlord? Maybe put a payment plan (that you can manage) in writing, and see if they’ll go for it. I’ve never been a landlord, but I’d think that would be preferable than just booting you out.

Otherwise, see if a family member or friend can give you a temporary loan, and again, put the payback terms in writing. Is your spouse working? Have family or friends willing to help? Technically, if you’re married, it’s really everybody’s problem. That can be both a blessing and a curse. 🙂