Looking for insight…….

Hello all,

I’ve been a blog member for a short while, reading postings and learning as we all go along.

We are considering cashing in our resp and rrsp to pay off debt. We are having difficulty keeping up. Between us we have a decent wage and a disability pension. We have home equity but not enough to rectify this situation.

Any thoughts would be good to hear.


Some questions.

  1. Has anyone experience with Discover Card or Chase Visa where they were successful in working out a plan with the card holder to repay the debt? If so would you please share some of  the steps you took.
  2. Has anyone used Care One Credit Counseling? American Express is really treating us rotten. The minimum payment keeps changing.. I go to pay online and pay more than the min. shown, but then I get a letter stating I have an overdue payment, and then they tell me it was really $50 or more on top of what the minimum shown. I’ve had this problem 2 months in a row. My interest went from 12.99% to 27.99% I just noticed this the other day. I told them 2 months ago I was struggling to make payments and my husband will soon be getting out of his job and doesn’t have a new one yet. I asked for help, and they basically said, “goodluck with that”. Now they are treating me like crap by raising my interest. Anyway, out of all my credit cards, I want this one taken care of, but I’m thinking of consolidating all.
  3. Okay so got the hubby to sit and help me put together a budget. But  out of nowhere he went and spent money that was for his tab at work(he didn’t even get the money to work before he spent it.) So apparently I didn’t get the communication that I had desired out of him. He’s been good at taking his lunch but has been supplementing his lunch with bought things that he shouldn’t even eat for his health. So he helped put the budget together but otherwise doesn’t care. Any ideas of on how to communicate with him other than scaring him to
    death with hard truths and fearful numbers of what he did last month?  ie he spent double what we made on absolutely nothing that I can say was worth it.