Desperate please help! Part 2. Some thoughts.

Desperate please help! Part 1

Could you negotiate with your landlord at all to avoid eviction? It is vital to have a roof over your head. I have been in dire rent straits myself, and I called my landlord (maybe I am lucky, but I have an individual as a landlord and not a corporation) and told him the truth, but that I could come up with the money as the month progressed .I offered to have my boss write him a letter about my paydays, etc. I was so nervous, so afraid of being evicted – but he let me slide. There is also Legal Aid, as it takes a while to evict someone in most states and by then you can come up with  money.

Are you single? that would be nice, as you wouldn’t have to worry about feeding the kids – I hope you have some food money , but if not, there are often food pantries and churches that can hlep out – its embarassing, but I would do it if I was desparate. The debt will have to wait. Shelter and food are first.

Take heart – you are working, and there are resources out there. It is hard to take action sometimes, but telling the truth usually helps. I have been where you are and somehow I was okay!

The first thing you need to do is take some time and BREATHE. I have been in what I considered to be desperate situations with money problems myself and the only thing that got me through was diligance, hardwork and trust in my own ability to get out of the financial problems I had. Take some time out and think of it in the perspective of what your life is worth… and if you start to believe in yourself, day by day the financial situation can all be worked out through your efforts. DONT… I repeat… DONT do anything to compromise your safety, or that is against the law because it will not be worth it. Even if you get away with whatever it is, it’ll be on your conscience and what also will happen is next time you are in a jam, it’ll be easier to that THING you really dont want to do. IT’s NOT WORTH IT. If your rent is only a couple weeks psat due and you have a new job now, can’t you reason with the landlord and ask for an extension and
the minute you get your next paycheck, make the rent a priority, because the roof over your head is really important- one of the most important things. Can you take a quick part-time job – in the evenings to supplement the income of your new full time job? I mean, when you take a job, you have to wait for money to come in, but atleast you will know when it’s coming in and this way you can start to learn how to plan what you will do with the money as far as getting back on track with your living expenses and finances. Don’t despair- you can do it! Can you give your landlord something you own (a valuable) as collateral – so he or she feels easier about giving you an extension to pay the rent. You may also find out what the rental laws are in your area. I know in some states a rental agent or landlord cannot evict a tenant unless they are a month or more behind in rent. Take the time to research what your rights are as a tenant. As for why or how your credit got destroyed, this can be slowly turned around if you really want it to. Ask for help on this group and I’m sure you’ll get tons of great advice about finances and getting healthy with your financial life.

First of all talk to the landlord about your rent. A couple of weeks past due may not harm you. They have to go through a court system to evict you. They have to give notice, etc. Contact your local renters commission or something. Ask around. Maybe seek assistance at your local Family Independance Agency. They may be able to help with rent and food to help you stay on your feet and in a home. It doesn’t hurt to ask for resources.
Local churches might also do free food programs so you don’t have to spend money on food and what you would have spent can go towards rent.