Listening to shows like ramsey et al…

I feel great when I hear/read/whatever of people getting their debt paid off. But, I also hear/read/whatever their yearly income is over  $60,000.00 and I’m only earning about $15,100.00 this last year and also about $3,000.00 from SSI this last year.

I have paid off a lot of my debts ad one of my dad’s debts when he died. I estimate it at an amount of $40,000.00 and some change total, I have $11,780.00 something (Including their interest charges and such) left to go. I’m snowballing it now. This month, I had to take my dogs for their boosters and was able to pay it off in CASH and not owe the vets’ office!! What a feeling!!!!!

I guess all I hope to say here is that if *I* could do it, there’s hope for anybody to do it.

Despite the fact I do not earn as much as those folks on the radio, I *DO* have a paid for house. IMO, this helps a lot.

Bear up folks, I broke the $3,000.00 mark on another one of my debts just today, down from $3,144.00 to $2,953.00… then I have others, but sometimes, breaking those little milestones is a big morale booster. I did go to the market and bought much needed healthy fare for my meals and lunches etc… I have to eat well due to medical needs. I was able to pay CASH for the $154.00 food list, for most of the month. All I’ll need to return for is salads, milk, bread and cereal perhaps before March.

You are doing well. Having a paid for house makes a big difference! In my opinion, if in nobody elses. That is a large chunk of money that goes out every month and not having to pay a mortgage payment is one thing I truly look forward to down the line.

I think that’s all that has saved my bacon. My folks knew with my eye damage jobs would be few and far between, so when they paid the house off and made me trustee, then owner, it saved me a lot of grief of rentals, mortgages etc.